Announcing: Another Life All Together by Elaine Beale

Sins Invalid is please to announce the February 23rd release of the latest novel by Elaine Beale, Sins Invalid friend and Advisory Board member.Another Life Altogether is a coming-of-age and coming out story set in the 1970s in Elaine’s native England. The novel tells the story of thirteen-year-old Jesse Bennett, an engaging, wry and utterly sympathetic narrator struggling to come to terms with her attraction to girls. Living in a remote East Yorkshire village with her emotionally disabled mother and an eccentric and sometimes criminally inclined family, Jesse’s journey is far from smooth.Another Life Altogether has received advance praise from Sara Gruen, the bestselling author of Water for Elephants. Gruen said of the novel: “Another Life Altogether captivated me from the very first page. Dazzling in its authenticity and utterly absorbing, it is an uplifting story about adolescence, family, and finding one’s place in the world. With the character of Jesse Bennett, Elaine Beale manages to create hope and humor in an otherwise turbulent world. It is a rare, insightful, and gorgeously written novel.” And, in an early review of the novel, Feminist Review commented: “Another Life Altogether is an extraordinary true-to-life book, and Beale tells a number of important and poignant stories all at once with great skill.”Beale is thrilled that the book has finally made it out in the world. “It’s a book I absolutely needed to write,” she says. “But it almost didn’t get written.”She started working on the book in 2000, but after she got a draft of 200 pages, the manuscript stalled. “I got stuck,” Beale says. “And some challenging things like illness and my mother’s sudden death got in the way.” Then, in 2007 she won the Poets & Writers California Writers Exchange Award in fiction for the novel’s first chapter. The contest prize was a trip to New York to meet with editors and agents, and it was there that Beale met Cindy Spiegel, VP at Spiegel & Grau. “Cindy expressed great enthusiasm for the book after she read what I had of the manuscript,” says Beale. “Her interest was a huge boost for my confidence. I hadn’t been sure I could finish the novel, but knowing someone might actually publish it put a fire under my butt. It took me several years to write the first 200 pages; I wrote the last 200 pages in less than ten months.”While Another Life Altogether is not necessarily autobiographical, it is certainly informed by Beale’s experience. “I grew up in East Yorkshire in a place very similar to the place where Jesse lives. It was  very culturally isolated in a lot of ways—a place where it was hard to be different, and almost impossible for a young person to come out as lesbian or gay. While I have a great fondness for my hometown and the people there, when I was a teenager I lived for the moment when I’d be able to move away. Jesse’s story is ultimately one that’s hopeful, but the challenges she faces are very, very real. And unfortunately many of those challenges still exist today.”Elaine Beale immigrated to the U.S. in 1989. She lives in Oakland with her partner of fifteen years and their goddaughter. She will be reading from her book at several locations in the Bay Area. More information can be found at her website:

ANOTHER LIFE ALTOGETHERElaine BealeSpiegel & GrauOn Sale February 23, 2010$26.00 ▪ ISBN: 978-0-385-53004-0

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