Announcing New Sins Invalid Staff - Andraéa and G!

Sins Invalid is Leveling UP!

We are ecstatic to announce that we are adding two new staff people to the core of our organization - a Program Manager and a Program Assistant! This is the result of a lot of visioning and searching, and we are so happy that we found the perfect people for our crew. The addition of these two new staff members is going to expand our capacity in so many ways, and we can't wait for you to learn about all the exciting new offerings we have in store for you. Look for new magic to start rolling out at the beginning of the year. Until then, meet your new Sins Invalid family!

Program Manager Andraéa LaVant

accesory_feature imageAndraéa LaVant has spent over 10 years focusing on issues of specific relevance to youth and adults with disabilities. Her professional roles and personal advocacy have presented her with many opportunities to prompt change for people with disabilities across the globe. Andraéa’s work for both nonprofit and private sector organizations has included managing initiatives that increase and support engagement of people with disabilities in mainstream programs, and coordinating and overseeing multiple disability-focused federally funded technical assistance and training centers. As Sins Invalid’s Program Manager, Andraéa is thrilled to merge her personal convictions as an advocate with the organization’s Disability Justice Movement Building, Cultural, and Performance/Visual Art work. Andraéa considers herself semi-Southern (born in Iowa and raised in Kentucky), and has sincere love for sweet tea, cornbread, and the word, “y’all.”

Program Assistant G Gomez

G November 2018G Gomez is a Chicanx Butch (he/him) born and raised in California. He has spent the last 20 years in service to his multiple communities (Latinx, Queer, poor, and kink) through behind-the-scenes administrative support, event production and management, and resource sharing and (re)distribution. He has moved between corporate environments, non-profit organizations, community organizing spaces, and entrepreneurship. He has a truck and tools and provides sliding scale and barter access to his moving, hauling and handy work services. He also provides support to his partner Bianca in growing her business and is launching his own consulting business to support Queer and Non-binary folks with body-mod undergarments. He finds and (re)distributes resources for houseless community members in Oakland. He helps organize inclusive, accessible play parties wherever he travels. And one of the most satisfying ways he spends his time is supporting local youth Hip Hop events. Bringing his passion for justice and his desire for an equitable world for us all, G hopes to help Sins Invalid build its capacity and sustainability!