Artist Spotlight: Antoine Hunter

Dancing on Clouds and Stages All Over the WorldAntoine Hunter is a gifted man – and Sins Invalid is honored to present his choreography and dance. He is the founder and director of Urban Jazz Dance Company and Iron Triangle Urban Ballet and will be gracing the Brava Theater Center stage with us on October 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2009.Antoine is one of the few professional Deaf Black dancers who has actively promoted and supported deaf artists worldwide. Read more  Jazz Dance has been his language of expression for over 20 years. He’s been called “a one-man firestorm,” and has been quoted as saying, “I realize now [that no] matter what movement I do, I AM JAZZ!” The world truly is Hunter’s stage, as he travels consistently, dancing on clouds and waiting to land in the spotlights, while stage curtains pull him from state to state, country to country and island to island.Antoine has performed numerous forms of dance with well-known artists and companies, including Reginald Ray-Savage and Zafra Miriam-Savage Jazz Dance Company, Robert Moses’ Kin Dance Company, and Ross Dance Company, amongst others. He has also performed in London with the Sign Dance Collective, where he worked with Mat Fraser and other dancers with disabilities.Antoine tours with his own companies, as well, and additionally teaches dance to children and adults throughout the Bay Area. He is currently organizing a festival that will present a wide variety of performers with all types of disabilities.Sins Invalid is proud to be working with Antoine Hunter!