Artist Spotlight: Nomy Lamm

By Leroy F. Moore Jr.Sins Invalid’s Community Relations DirectorNomy Lamm in Sins Invalid 2009Whether on not you have ever witnessed a Rock Opera, Nomy Lamm will rock your world at Sins Invalid’s annual performance on October 2 – 4, 2009 at San Francisco’s Brava Theater, in the heart of the Mission District.Nomy Lamm’s voice travels with the spirits of yesterday, grounds us in the present and inspires people of all ages to go on another day, every time she sings. Nomy is a writer, musician and activist whose work has been featured in magazines (Ms., Punk Planet, Make/Shift), anthologies (Listen Up, Body Outlaws, and most recently Word Warriors and Working Sex, all on Seal Press), and onstage all across the US.Nomy’s Sins 2009 performance was born, in part, in the Green Room at Brava Theater in San Francisco, last year. As the Sins 2008 artists were getting ready to grace the stage, Nomy was humming Queen’s "Bohemian Rhapsody,” and a train of voices started singing along. After the laughter, Nomy, Cara Page, Seeley Quest and I joked about the idea of Sins Invalid creating a Rock Opera. In 2009, Nomy and our artistic director Patty Berne’s minds met and exploded into what you will see from Nomy on Oct. 2-4 at Brava. Here is a little taste of Nomy’s 2009 performance: it will have shocking but beautiful handmade costumes, original story-songs written and performed by Nomy, and set pieces that will reshape the way we think about our limbs.Nomy is excited with her recent acceptance to the MFA in Creative Writing Program at San Francisco State University. She continues to spread her love of singing by offering voice classes to groups and individuals, and by gracing the Bay Area’s artistic stages. And you must check out her music and website at a collector of and writer on musicians with disabilities and their work, I feel so warmed to be working with Nomy in Sins Invalid. Together, we are setting the stage for more people to share what I and the Sins crew have already been blessed with - not only the voice but also the compassion, activism, love and humanity of Nomy Lamm.Buy tickets now at www.brownpapertickets.comPeace,Leroy MooreCommunications Relations Directors, Sins