Being, Breathing, Moving, Sounding Playshop Three: Bringing it All Together

nomyIndia Harville and Nomy Lamm are excited to offer the third Playshop exploring movement and sound on December 5th from 1PM-5PM.  Participants will get to create a soundscape to enrich their movement journeys and to explore being in and moving their body to free up their voice and explore sound.  The playshop will bring together the mixed ability improv movement practices from playshop one and the breathing, sounding, and vocalizing practices from playshop two.IMG_2297You may join us for the third installment even if you were not in attendance at the 1st two.To register for the 3rd playshop, please email indiaharville@sinsinvalid.orgPlease provide your name, contact information, accessibility needs, and some general information about your social location (e.g. race, class, gender, ability) as well as any dietary restrictions.This will enable us to prioritize participation from queer people of color with disabilities and to make the space as accessible as possible. The specific location of the event will be given out following registration.Some food and snacks will be provided.Space will be limited, so register soon!Wheelchair AccessibleFragrance free