Being, Breathing, Moving, Sounding: Workshop 1 - Be and Move

Dis Dance 

Being, Breathing, Moving, SoundingA Three Part Playshop Serieswith India Harville and Nomy Lamm

What if everything about who you are is not just ok, but is beautiful? How would you share the gift of who you are with the world? What would you create if you were not afraid? Or if you were afraid and still decided to create? What if all of you is invited to the experience?These are some of the inquiries we will dive into in this exciting three part playshop series exploring being, breathing, moving, and sounding.This journey will be an embodiment playground, a place to deepen your work to reclaim the full range of your humanity. We will explore how the very act of claiming our bodies, our right to take up space, and our right to sound, move, breathe, and be is a revolutionary act in decolonizing ourselves from the legacies of colonialism, racism, classism, sexism, cis gender normativity, heteropatriachy, capitalism, sizeism, and other systemic oppressions that take up residency in our bodies.Playshop #1 Be and Move October 24th 1pm-5pmHeld in the East Bay, Exact Address released closer to event dateAttending all three workshops is not necessary, it is fine if you come to any or all of them.To register for the 1st workshop, please email indiaharville@sinsinvalid.orgRegistration for the 2nd and 3rd workshop will open closer to their respective start dates, stay tuned for info on how to register.Please provide your name, contact information, accessibility needs, and some general information about your social location (e.g. race, class, gender, ability).This will enable us to prioritize participation from queer people of color with disabilities and to make the space as accessible as possible. The specific location of the event will be given out following registration.Click here for the link to the Facebook PageSpace will be limited, so register soon!Wheelchair AccessibleFragrance free 

20140525_205129India Harville has been exploring all things dance and movement related for over sixteen years and holds certifications in NIA, Dancing Freedom, Zumba, and DanceAbility. She also has a passion for sounding, chanting, and singing, and she is a certified Kinetic Voice instructor. These practices continues to support her in managing her chronic illness/disability. Her passion is restoring in people the idea that moving and sounding are their birthright.


12005684_10207501964969938_512578320_oNomy Lamm is a writer, performer and voice teacher living in San Francisco. She performs regularly with Sins Invalid, creating dream-like performance pieces incorporating fantastical costuming, singing, live looping, movement, and even puppets. She began doing work around fat oppression and body liberation since the early 90's, with her zine 'i'm so fucking beautiful,' and is passionate about working with people to access their authentic voice.