blue boots by meg torwl

Audio of blue boots by Meg Torwl from QUIRKE event, recording by Diane boots ever since I got thesesolid, baby blue bootsstraight womenand male bicycle couriersof undetermined persuasionnow talk to me in elevatorsso attiredwith cornflower bluesoft woolen wrapstrangers feel compelled to caressthey hold an edgein their hand in wonderlooking at mego on I sayyou know you want tosomething primevaly comfortingas they brush their face against itI sit on a benchlate at nightoutside the closed mallwith my twin brotherthe walking stick he carved mebetween usas we chew the ragof our youtha woman walking bygives me the dirtiest downward lookdon’t look at me in that tone of voicei mutter under my breathi reckon! bro sayshe’s angry, confusedi’m used to itpeople often look at me that waywelcome to my worldpick a reasonandrogynousqueereddisabledoutspokenelicitscontemptpeople havespecific ideaswho fits inand does notwhere we should bewith whomdressed howwhat we canand can notbe allowedto doand saymostlyi stoppedtakingany noticeyears agoI will continueto havemy sayin my worksharing voicewith the un-fittingin our perfectlyfittedboots.©  Meg TorwlBIO: Meg Torwl is a writer, director and producer, working in media since 2000. With a background in photography, poetry and performance, and an interest in programming and new media. Balancing Acts in Calgary commissioned her to produce a 40 minute spoken word performance entitled ‘that’s so gay’ for their December 2009 Festival about solidarity across lines of gender, sexuality, disability, race, and species (in the case of purple star fish!). Her work has been published, performed, screened, broadcast and exhibited in New Zealand, Canada, USA, and the UK. She has worked in radio, producing and presenting 50 half hour programs (2007 - 2008) for One in Five, Radio New Zealand Nationals, a disability focused program, including a 6 part series on Disability, Relationships and Sexuality. She is a commentator with the NZ Disability Media Collective and she talks about her artistic practice as the Featured Creative of the Month in September 2009 with an interview on Creative Momentum. She has produced 3 new media projects and 4 documentary films, which are distributed by Video Out.Her Radio Programs are on the web at: Radio New Zealand National and MeThings.comYou can read her blog at