Crip Wisdom Q & A


Please join us for a Q&A by visiting our Facebook page from 5-6 PST today (Thursday, April 27). We want to read your questions!

Patricia Berne will make a delicious introduction on the themes of the performance, and both Leah and Patty will be available to talk about their contributions and respond to your inquiries.

And remember-- the 10th Anniversary Show Web Stream is available now through May 1st! Viewing parties are happening all over the world! Here's what some viewers had to say:

Please stream this beautiful film! It's only available this week via streaming! I was lucky enough to go to the screening yesterday and met one of the artists. I don't really have words still and have not experienced anything like this. It feels like right now at this very point everything is coming together with seeing this film and my own organizing. Please watch it this week and consider donating or buying their zine!
~ Sara in Portland
As a queer and a disabled person, I really needed it! I am used to existing in spaces where I have to justify my every behavior, and the art in this film was so healing and validating for me. It was magical to share a community of crips existing together as they are.
~Emma in Chicago