Disability Justice | Sins Invalid 2016

sins-poster-twitter-coverGet Your Tickets Now!The buzz is heating up for the 2016 Sins Invalid show. It's all about Disability Justice!Check out these new interviews with the performers:

“Birthing, Dying, Becoming Crip Wisdom” is a performance event that explores creation, aging and mortality. The 2016 Sins Invalid is a journey through genesis, transformative power and earth. The return of this project to the stage marks an exciting time in the history of Sins as an organization and movement.The overall performance is helmed by the guidance of Patricia Berne, co-founder of Sins Invalid. Patty brings her grounded advocacy-based directing to this year’s performance, weaving together many stories and modalities to plumb the depths of how this artistic community generates wisdom over time and experience.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnWhXWvBwMY[/embed]Sins Invalid is #CripWisdom

  • Antoine-Devinci Hunter brings his expertise as dancer and choreographer to Birthing, Dying, Becoming Crip Wisdom. Watch the music come alive as he translates the vibration into movement. His fluid jazz-inspired dance will not disappoint.

“It’s about the earth and rebirth cycles in the universe and our own bodily experiences as disabled people.” ~performer Nomy Lamm

  • Queer punk writer, dancer/actor, and sacred/creative accessible space maker, Neve Be(Ast) MC’s this year’s event. Their appearances on the stage dance, buck and weave through the show's themes, pulling all of the pieces close!
  • Maria R. Palacios returns to the Sins stage with two spoken word pieces packed with crip love and brutally honest sensuality.   Maria's "Masturbation Monologue" is yet another powerful performance by the Goddess on Wheels. Her second performance addresses her personal views of aging with a disability,  and transformative energy of becoming an older, wiser crip.
  • Dancer India Harville’s participation in the performance brings a healing manifestation, and the accumulated knowledge of years of work with all kinds of bodies and embodiment. India’s grace and intuitive performance presence is not to be missed.
  • Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samara brings her potent words to the stage, telling stories of transformation and survivorhood. Meg Day, author of Last Psalm at Sea Level, says of Piepzna-Samara’s new work, "I want what these poems demand: to be free to love & die, to be resurrected in time, & to be restored by desire.”
  • Lateef Mcleod brings all new work to the stage. His spiritual approach to art will move you.
  • Acclaimed author and social change agent Aurora Levins Morales will also be reading never before heard work, as she comes fresh from her journey of environmental justice, chronicled in Letters from Earth.

“Birthing, Dying, Becoming Crip Wisdom” is shaping up to be one of the most insightful Sins Invalid performances yet, with gorgeous visual art provided by Kiyaan Abadani, Micah Bazant, Anna Baron and Alli Yates. We cannot wait to see you there. You are cordially invited to take this inner journey with us as we become wisdom together. Ticket are available: tiny.cc/sins2016tix