Grow With Us: Breathe, Move, Sing, Feel, Be.

[Image Description: A multicolored altar made of a peeling wooden box with a mottled blue and green background, with orange and yellow flowers, a piece of quartz, a dancing figure, and what appears to be oat grass. It signifies sacred space and creative process.]
We are excited to offer TWO Sound and Movement workshops concurrently.
When: Saturday, January 14, 2-5 PM
Where: Oakland, CA and Olympia, WA
(address provided after registering)
Taught by India Harville,
Neve Be(ast) & Nomy LammIn this workshop, we will explore simple sounding exercises and movement exercises for self expression, creativity, and building community. All levels welcome.This journey will be an embodiment playground, a place to deepen your work to reclaim the full range of your humanity. We will explore how the very act of claiming our bodies, our right to take up space, and our right to sound, move, breathe, and be is a revolutionary act in decolonizing ourselves from the legacies of colonialism, racism, classism, sexism, cis gender normativity, heteropatriachy, capitalism, sizeism, and other systemic oppressions that take up residency in our bodies.To register for the Oakland workshop, please email India Harville at timetoloveyourskin@gmail.comTo register for the Olympia workshop, email provide your name, contact information, accessibility needs, and some general information about your social location (e.g. race, class, gender, ability).This will enable us to prioritize participation from queer people of color with disabilities and to make the space as accessible as possible. The specific location of the event will be given out following registration.Space will be limited, so register soon!Wheelchair AccessibleFragrance free
Workshop Leaders:
Photo Description: India Harville, African American woman, wearing a black and white spiderweb patterned dress, sitting in wheelchair. Her hair is in pigtails (she has dreadlocks) and she is holding a few locks in each hand, head tilted to the right, smiling.India Harville is an African American, queer, disabled, femme of center integrated dancer/dance instructor, choreographer, performance artist, somatic bodyworker, social justice activist, and educator. India has danced Liz Lerman’s Dance Exchange, DanceAbility, and is a company member in the Dance Sing Drum Company and Inclusive Interdisciplinary Ensembles at Cal State Hayward and Sins Invalid based in Berkeley California. India has had the privilege to travel and perform across the United States. India's performance work addresses racial justice, queer identity, survivorhood, disability and chronic illness. In addition to choreographing and performing, India is dedicated to supporting people with personal and collective healing and transformation from a place of embodiment. India believes "If you can breathe, you can dance." India offers classes in many styles of integrated dance including DanceAbility, American DanceWheels Wheelchair Ballroom, Adaptive Stretching, NIA, Dancing Freedom, and KiVo.To find out more about India please visit her website at
Neve, seated, wearing a white dress with gold trim and a white crown with leaves and gold designs. Their head is tilted to the right.Neve Be(ast) (aka Lyric Seal) is a bud, an outburst, a growth on the mossy embankment of a river. Descended from many rivers and people, including the Nile, The Mississippi, the South Branch of the Raritan, and the author of The Velveteen Rabbit, Neve has never stopped swimming, or becoming real. The Beast called Neve, in their current form, is a black, gross femme, queer punk writer, dancer/actor, and sacred/creative accessible space maker for all occasions. They are an adult and alt art film performer and director, sex and love coach, wedding officiant, accessible event consultant and planner, columnist for Maximumrocknroll, contributing writer for Everyday Feminism, and proud queer family builder and crew starter for those who like to roll deep. Neve co-founded Oakland's Blueberry Jam with Ali M-O, an integrated improvisational dance lab for women and nonbinary people. Ali M-O also co-starred with Neve in them and Nikki Silver's upcoming film, Diathesis: A Tale of Three Dancers, their third screen collaboration to date. Beast has been working with Sins Invalid since 2011, first as a summer intern traveling from New Jersey, and then as a local writer, educator, and performer beginning in 2013. They now a-bound and grow in Seattle with their partners and many other collaborators in life and love. Neve is proud to be writing for and performing in their first Sins show this year. Their writing also has appeared in ModelViewCulture, Plenitude, Harlot, Curve, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna Samarasinha and students' zine Hard Femme Poetics, Jiz Lee's Coming Out Like a Porn Star, and on's blog, most frequently in the form of the advice column Slumber Party with Lyric Seal! You can learn more at or on Twitter or Instagram @littlebeasthood.Nomy, seated, wearing a red dress and a large red headress. She has three pink triangles painted on her face, one on each cheek, and one on her forehead.Nomy Lamm is a writer, performer, voice teacher and creative coach who is now living (again) in her home town of Olympia, Washington, after almost a decade in the Bay Area.  She has been working with Sins Invalid since 2008 as a performer, advisory board member, and staff person, and is beyond excited to offer this workshop to the Olympia community.  Nomy makes short films including animations and experimental documentaries, and is embarking on a larger film project about the Shriners called Legacy of the Mystic Shrine.  Nomy has been publishing writings about fat, disability and queerness since the early 90's, in zines, magazines and anthologies, including Ms., Make/Shift, The Body is Not An Apology, and most recently Glitter and Grit:  Queer Performance from the Heels on Wheels Femme Galaxy.  Nomy has co-written a rock opera called The Transfused, and released two solo albums, Anthem and Effigy.  She has two projects available on bandcamp, ((double hug)) and ganser/lamm.  You can learn more about her work at and