Hello Friends, Lovers, Supporters, Creative Visionaries and all that is the Sins Community!

Rodney Bell Sins Invalid 2008Here at "Sins Central" we have heard from people repeatedly that they'd like to see a certain performance again, that they couldn't see a performance because they were out of town or their cat/dog/significant other had the flu, that they want to share this performance with their friends and do we have a DVD --- well, y'all are going to love this!! We have been planning and are very pleased to announce that we are launching a web streaming pilot of Sins annual performances!!!August 6th through 12th, we will stream the full length 2008 Performance -- and depending on the success of this venture we will be streaming other performances in the near future. Please help make this pilot a success by watching! Why are we doing this?  Because each of us matters, and we recognize that for many people with disabilities, traveling to performances is difficult. The clips on the website, while lovely, are snippets, and Sins’ shows reflect a masterful connectivity and arc that is best seen straight (or queerly) through.  In addition to bringing Sins to you and building Sins’ community, we also need to raise money so that the work of this beautiful organization can continue. Of course, the system will be sliding scale -- and, we want to strongly encourage those who would like to and can pay to see the webcast to do so.Who can watch?  Anyone, anywhere, on your own or in a group, in your homes or at your friend's house, in your car or at school – just as long as you have Internet access!We will send you the technical details soon -- but in the meanwhile, here’s an idea we want to propose to you…viewing parties! Gather your friends, coworkers, family, comrades and fellow community members together for a screening in your home, work, yard, library, get creative! This is a pilot and we are excited to see how this can work. The 2008 performance is a little over an hour, and we will be sending out viewing packets for subsequent discussion to those who want them. We are planning to get this event hosted on a site that allows for interactive live video as well, so that a Q & A with Performer Leroy Moore and Artistic Director Patty Berne will be possible following the screening!If you’re excited to host a viewing party in your hometown, let us know! We are happy to offer whatever support we can.Stay tuned...And to ask questions and stay in contact, email info@sinsinvalid.org.Fierce Blessings,Beast Von Fancy, Allegra Stout and Patty Berne