Help Sins artist Aurora Levins Morales build her new, non-toxic, sustainable traveling home!

 1_ALM Headshot“On June 15, I will be launching an Indiegogo campaign to fund the Vehicle for Change—the non-toxic house on wheels that will finally provide me with a safe home, studio and means of travel. After decades of illness, I’ve spent the last five years designing the Vehicle, while continuing to struggle with my health, living in houses that make me sick. I’ve continued to write, and engage as best I can with my work in the world, but without a chemically clean, healthy home, my body is always running to catch up. I spend myself just trying not to lose ground, and do only a fraction of the creative work I could be doing. One of the things I dread most is dying with my gifts un-given.“In the past, I’ve asked you, my community, for help surviving the worst of my crises. This time I’m asking you to help me build the foundation of a healthy, sustainable life, so I can put my energy toward giving those gifts—doing the radical writing and art-making, strategizing and eldering that is my purpose.“The Vehicle for Change is a 32 foot aluminum gooseneck trailer, with a smokeless wood stove, recycled glass counters, wool felt wall coverings, and recycled rubber and oak wood floors. It has a composting toilet, a tiny greenhouse, and a decontamination entryway through the shower, with lockers for street clothing and fragrance free house clothing and slippers. Lights and appliances run on solar power, and the water and air are filtered. It also has built in, external access storage units I can access from outdoors, without having to bend, and a 9 x 16 foot fold down porch. Living in the Vehicle will allow me to travel to different communities to listen, teach, write and share my work, without wearing myself out.I plan to move in to my new home in the late fall or early winter of 2015."Floor-Plan-copyFor more details about the Vehicle, and to join Aurora’s campaign, visit