in – valid, a poem by Meg Torwl

Audio of in-valid by Meg Torwl, from a recording for RNZ, music by Eric Biddingtonin – valid pull yourown weightstand alonestand onyour owntwo feetfour feetsix legssix feet underdig your toes inkeep a lid on itunder your hatsit on itsit tightdon’t just sit thererise above itget upstand up for your rightsrelaxtake it easyfootlooseone foot in front of t’otherone step at a timewalk before you can runlook before you leapfor the high jumptake: a running jumpa flying leapa hikeput your foot in itcan’t stand itdon’t take itlying downsleep on itput it behind youmove onwalk awayturn the other cheeka nods as goodas a winktunnel visionblinddeafdumbvictimsuffererin-validbedriddenwheelchair boundlameget a griphold onhandle itgive me a handcan’t stomach itmade my stomach turngutlesslily liveredgot a gallspinelessheartlessthoughtlesssome nervebrain deaduncommunicativenon-responsivelife sucked outcoming up for airgaspinggive me some airbreathing spacestood in good steadstood me upjust stood bygawkingdribbling onstand firmstand tallstand and delivermoneyor yourlife©  Meg Torwl BIO: Meg Torwl is a writer, director and producer, working in media since 2000. With a background in photography, poetry and performance, and an interest in programming and new media. Balancing Acts in Calgary commissioned her to produce a 40 minute spoken word performance entitled ‘that’s so gay’ for their December 2009 Festival about solidarity across lines of gender, sexuality, disability, race, and species (in the case of purple star fish!). Her work has been published, performed, screened, broadcast and exhibited in New Zealand, Canada, USA, and the UK. She has worked in radio, producing and presenting 50 half hour programs (2007 - 2008) for One in Five, Radio New Zealand Nationals, a disability focused program, including a 6 part series on Disability, Relationships and Sexuality. She is a commentator with the NZ Disability Media Collective and she talks about her artistic practice as the Featured Creative of the Month in September 2009 with an interview on Creative Momentum. She has produced 3 new media projects and 4 documentary films, which are distributed by Video Out.Her Radio Programs are on the web at: Radio New Zealand National and MeThings.comYou can read her blog at