Update! Upcoming Sins New Media Workshop

Into the Light: Using New Media Strategies to Move Us Towards Visibility

Date: Sunday, October 23rd, 2011Time: 2-5pmAbout the Workshop:Did you know that you can make a video that captures the world’s attention with just a cellphone? Or that one click of a button can mean that your writing can be read by thousands --- maybe millions --- of people?Often times when people hear the word “new media” or “social media” they think of facebook/twitter and brush it off as silliness. New media (blogs! video channels! Tumblr!) is any form of media that spreads information digitally. New media is completely shifting the way information and art is shared. We are seeing the ways that communities are using cellphones to hold police and politicians accountable. Entire schools of thought are emerging from conversations taking place in online spaces. We know that new media is playing a huge role in the visibility we have. We want to support each other in learning how to use online media platforms so that more of our voices can be heard.Half teaching, half hands-on skillshare, this workshop will give artists and writers an introduction to free new media opportunities available to them. We will talk about the performance of an online identity, strategies for building an audience, and some of the best platforms out there for sharing one’s work.Come join us!This workshop is designed for those interested in expanding one’s audience and reach digitally. Some basic computer knowledge (e.g. how to turn on a computer, get on the internet, etc) is required. If you have a computer, please bring it. You don’t have to be a formal artist to come, this is open to anyone who has something to share with the world.About the Facilitator:Stacey MilbernStacey “cripchick” Milbern is a blogger, disability justice activist and youth worker passionate about using new media technologies to build community in the face of ableism. She works with the National Youth Leadership Network, an organization run by and for disabled youth. Stacey writes at her own blog and at To The Other Side of Dreaming, an epistolary blog about building home with Mia Mingus, a fellow queer disabled Korean woman of color.Registration:This workshop is limited to 12 people! To register, please send your name, email address, phone number, and any access needs we need to prepare for to us at info@sinsinvalid.org. There is no registration or workshop fee.