Kickstarter FINAL PUSH! Director Patty Berne and Intern Brooke Willock Update #4: Sins loves strong allies!!

Video transcription:P: Hello everybody, my name is Patty Berne.B: And I am Brooke Willock, and I want you guys to know that we are making strong headway on our Sins Kickstarter campaign.P: Awesome headway! Thank you so much.B: Thank you so very much. But we are still asking you to donate and to share, tell your friends about our campaign. 15,000 dollars is our absolute minimum that we are asking for, and it’s all or nothing, but really – we want to reach above that so we can get the monies that we actually need to push through post-production and launch our distribution campaign.P: When we put together the budget for the finishing funds it was actually closer to 25,000. However, sage counsel suggested that we be a little bit modest in what we were requesting through Kickstarter, so we put it at 15,000. But the actual budget is significantly larger. And so even if we make 5 dollars past 15,000, we’re grateful for that. But more, honestly, toward finishing the film, the stronger the film is going to be.B: Yes, and, we have some good news. We have a matching grant. [Cheers in the background.]P: Awesome, awesome, awesome news! So, the Brown Boi Project is a great allied organization. They work to build leadership, economic self-sufficiency and health, amongst young masculine of center womyn, trans men, and queer and straight men of color pipelining folks into the social justice movement. And they do phenomenal work in leadership development. They pledged to match all donations up to $1,000! So that means that your contribution counts twice from now moving forward. The deadline, as you know, for the Kickstarter campaign is Valentine’s Day, and there are some logistics to actually being a part of a matching pledge.B: Yes, so – when you go to Kickstarter and you pledge a donation, all you have to do is one more quick step after that. Go to Facebook, to the Brown Boi Project page, and let them know that you want your donation to be matched – you want it to be doubled. If you don’t have a Facebook or you’d rather email us that you want your donation to be matched, please just go ahead and email the Brown Boi Project: info [at symbol] brownboiproject [dot] org. It’s b-o-i, not b-o-y. And you could also email us: info [at symbol] sinsinvalid [dot] org. All you have to say is you want your donation to be matched.P: And if that’s too complicated, just go to our Kickstarter page directly, and it will be part of the independent move toward finishing the film. And regardless thank you so so much for the love and support for Sins Invalid.B: Thank you.