Let Your Body Speak - An Embodied Writing Workshop

Let Your Body Speak - An Embodied Writing WorkshopSunday, Feb 22nd 3p – 5:30p“Take the cord of memory from my hands, and tie a knot to mark your place.  Each body knows its own exhausting journey, its own oases of joy, its belly-full of shouting, resilience, shame and jubilation...Strike the stick of aliveness on whatever will make a sound.  Bind your stories together. This is how rope is made.  Each strand is essential to the strength of the braid. Bring your body closer. Lean in toward the heat and the light...Listen with your body.  Let your body speak.”from Kindling: Writings On the Body Our bodies hold our personal, family, and social histories and are shaped by them.  They are repositories of living, breathing memory, filled with sensory detail we can’t always reach with our conscious minds.  Working individually and in small groups, we’ll explore stories from and about our bodies, and craft new narratives for ourselves.Aurora Levins Morales is an internationally known disabled and chronically ill writer and activist.  She is the author of five books, including Medicine Stories and Kindling: Writings On the Body, and her work has appeared in dozens of anthologies.  She has also been a commissioned1_ALM Headshot artist with Sins Invalid. She is Puerto Rican and Jewish and identifies as queer.To register for Let Your Body Speak, please email davidlangstaff@sinsinvalid.org. Please provide your name, contact information, accessibility needs, and some general information about your social location (e.g. race, class, gender, ability). This will enable us to prioritize participation from queer people of color with disabilities and to make the space as accessible as possible. The specific location of the event will be given out following registration. Space will be limited, so register soon!Click here to go to the Facebook page for the event*Wheelchair Accessible*Fragrance Free