Letter from the Community Relations Director

by Leroy F. Moore Jr.Leroy MooreHello!  My name is Leroy F. Moore Jr., and I’m the Community Relations Director for Sins Invalid: An Unshamed Claim to Beauty in the Face of Invisibility, also known as Sins Invalid.As we launch our new website, I will be “blogging” to share answers, questions and information with our beloved community – so feel free to send me questions at info@sinsinvalid.org!Already in '09 we have engaged with hundreds of people:First at the NGLTF’s Creating Change Conference in Denver people were keen to discuss the intersections of disability, sexuality and embodiment – and we had a good time doing it!  We collaborated on sessions with scholar/activist extraordinaire Laura Hershey, brilliant and fierce Mia Mingus of Spark Reproductive Justice Now and bridge-builder to the heavens Rebecca Voelkel. We learned, laughed, and supported others’ growth through the conference.postcard for Sins Invalid workshop at CCSFWe then went into our next public event: The 4th Annual Intersecting Identities Conference at City College of San Francisco.  There we shared our performance and education work around race, disability, queerness and gender-variance using the lens of sexuality by screening curated videos and video excerpts from our shows; hosting a thought-provoking panel with Mia Mingus and the visionary Petra Kupers, as well as our own Sins crew; and offering political education and creative expression workshops for the students   Those four hours were packed with leading voices around the issues of race, disability and sexuality!Patty Berne at the Queer People of Color ConferenceFinally, we went up to Davis in the Sins Mobile to screen video excerpts and offer our popular workshop “Asserting a New Vision for the Revolutionary Body” at their Fourth Annual Queer People of Color Conference – and we a great time w/our folk in the sun out there!Gueer People of Color ConferenceNow that we are in April we are beginning the countdown to our Fall 2009 show to celebrate the beauty and power of disability – and we want to thank you for making it happen through your love and support.If you would like more information about the work, contact us at info@sinsinvalid.org.Yours truly,Leroy F. Moore Jr. Community Relations Director