You’re part of the Sins community, a community which has held and nourished us as we’ve been working to share our stories, develop practices of collective access, and bringSeattle our whole selves into cultural transformation.We hope we can continue to rely on you as we try to find new, creative ways to sustain our commitment to the art and politics of disability justice! Please consider a one time donation now. If now isn’t a good time, consider joining our new Sustainer Program, which would allow supporters to make a regular monthly contribution to Sins Invalid, is a perfect way to help us sustain our work, no matter what your income is. A $5, $15 or $25 monthly contribution would make a HUGE difference in helping us to continue our work towards a world in which every bodymind is recognized and celebrated as valuable and beautiful! We’re still working through some of the technical details with our fiscal sponsor Dancers' Group, so stay tuned and, in the meantime, tell your friends!