Mark your calendar for Sins Pay Per View Performance!!!!

Mark your calendar for Sins Pay Per View Performance!!!! Shocking Story! Shocking Story!In less than 3 weeks, you’ll be able to see Sins Invalid’s pay per view online performance anywhere you want! Big thanks to our rockstar sponsors: Dual Power Productions, and Fierce Bodies, you get to watch Sins Invalid 24 hours a day, whenever you want!Get your calendar out and mark August 5th~11th for an unforgettable viewing experience with Sins now! Come on, go ahead and book mark the following link, you’re invited to join a live Q & A online with Artistic Director Patty Berne and selected Sins Invalid performers on August 10th!What are you waiting for?Got any questions about watching Sins Invalid’s performance on your own?Want tips and ideas for hosting a viewing party?Don’t be shy! write to us now~ info@sinsinvalid.orgVIDEO TRANSCRIPTSandie: Sins Invalid, Pay Per View Performance Is Back! Mark your calendar! In less than 3 weeks, you will be able to see the full 2009 Sins Invalid performance!Beast: When?  Aug. 5th-11th!  With the generous help of Dual Power Productions, and Fierce Bodies, we will be able to bring this incredible experience to you, wherever you are.Beast: When again? Aug. 5th-11th!Sandie: 5th to the 11th! (Text on screen: ANY TIME DURING the week of August 5th~11th, go to this link) Go and click the following link: So, what do you get? You get to pick a good spot for viewing Sins Invalid’s performance wherever the internet is accessed. You get a Sins Invalid team member-written viewer discussion guide with juicy questions for your viewing party attendees! As a mixed ability organization Sins Invalid understands that everyone has access needs, and sometimes getting to one of the annual performances is not physically, mentally, or financially possible.Sandie: So, what do you do about it? Where can I see Sins Invalid’s performance?Beast: That’s why we’re bringing Sins directly to your living room, or bathroom, or basement, or your favorite dive bar… or library, or smart phone…You can be cozy and watch the show on your couch.Sandie: One-person viewing party is totally cool!Rodney: Oh, wow! Sins Invalid is beyond awesome! Unbelievable!Sandie: Tell me about it!Rodney: Sins Invalid brings good companions together!Sandie: Two people can make a great viewing party, too! If internet is available in your backyard, you can watch Sins Invalid on your grass! I just found a perfect spot for watching webstream! Is there anyone following me? Mmmm…. Watching Sins Invalid is like body cleansing.Rodney: What other locations can you watch our pay per view?Beast: Or steal away of the show for some needed alone time.Rodney: Pow!Beast:  We are pleased to announce that on August 10th, there will be a live Q & A online with Artistic Director Patty Berne and selected Sins Invalid performers! We want you to join us!Text on screen: Want to get tips & ideas for hosting a viewing party?Sandie: How do I sign up???????????? Hum….. hum… hum… humBeast: Now, are you ready to sign up for a viewing party? Or do you have a question about watching Sins Invalid’s performance on your own? Write us at… info@sinsinvalid.orgSandie: Give us your name, email, phone number and your location.Text on screen: Tips & Guides will be delivered to you!Sandie: And please don’t forget to tweet and LIKE us on facebook!Rolling credits: StarringSins Invalid Intern: Beast von Fancy, Nina Maghazei, Sandie YiPatty Berne &  Leroy MooreMale voice over: Rodney BellCan't wait to see Sins Invalid online?Mark your calendar! August 5th~11thGo to this Link! any questions? Write us now! info@sinsinvalid.orgDon't forget to Visit Our Sponsors!