Resisting White Terror

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As an organization led by disabled people of color and queer/gender non-conforming people with disabilities, Sins Invalid remembers that from coast to coast to state derived border and beyond, we are living on Native people's land, stolen through white terror. Our family stories and our beloved ancestors hold the memory that this nation state was founded in the bloodied bodies of enslaved African and Native communities, killed through white terror. All of our senses tremor in the knowledge that today's police are descendants of "slave patrols" whose job was to violently repress Black people's resistance to slavery through white terror. We connect the ableist attempts to force us into institutions to the ongoing police brutality and murder of Black and brown disabled people as components of white terror, which views us as pathology and "less than".And it is from this position that we call in our comrades to RESIST WHITE TERROR as embedded in ableism, the medical industrial complex and the prison industrial complex. We call in our comrades to RESIST WHITE TERROR that underlies this settler-colonial nation and attacks Native communities. We call in our comrades to RESIST THE WHITE TERROR displayed in Charlottesville this past weekend.And we call in our comrades to stop calling Neo-Nazis and white supremacists/white nationalists "crazy", "psychotic" or "stupid." We call in those who have derided James A. Fields, the white nationalist driver who murdered Heather Heyer, because of his possible psychiatric history. Do not confuse disabled people with people who are ideologically committed to hate.We offer our gratitude to the anti-hate protesters who risked their lives in Charlottesville and elsewhere to defend the lives of Black, Brown, Native, Jewish, Queer, Non-Binary, and Disability communities against white terror.We send love and support to Heather Heyer's family and friends, knowing the pain and grief associated with losing someone we love.We send love and support to those who were injured and traumatized by the violence that killed Heather. And we send protection and honor to all those who are "too slow," "too fat," or "too anything" to get out of the way when hate comes barreling at them. We hold ourselves as powerful and beautiful and deserving in our fat, slow, deliberate movement.We send love and more love to our disabled siblings, our queer fam, our immigrant families, our non-binary niblings, our fat beloveds, our brown, Black and indigenous loves, our Muslim kin, our Jewish comrades, all of our non-Christian communities, as well as our white fam, our able bodied fam, our cis fam, our Christian fam, sending love knowing that our ride-or-die love for each other will strengthen our resistance against white terror in all of its forms. We know the only response to terror is love.We love us.---------------------Groups and Individuals to support:Black Lives Matter, Charlottesville, dispersing funds for mental health support for folks in traumaThis page includes Black Lives Matter and a number of other fundraisers that can use your supportHere is a fundraiser for Deandre Harris who was beaten by white supremacists (warning: graphic photo)Here is a fundraiser for medical bills for one of the victims of the vehicular assaultMore Resources:Vice News (Content includes vile language and behavior)Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide from the Southern Poverty Law CenterThe Whiteness of Police by Nikhil Pal SinghAnalysis of events by Ta-Nehisi Coates on Democracy NowLearn about the direct action of the Deep Abiding Love ProjectPoem of Cosmic Accountability from Alexis Pauline Gumbs' website: --------------------------------------Sins Invalid is a disability justice-based performance project centering disabled artists of color and queer / gender non-conforming disabled artists. Our work celebrates the embodied humanity of disabled people, with the understanding that all bodies live in a multitude of very real social, political, economic and cultural contexts.Image by Micah Bazant[image: white text on red background reads "WHITE SUPREMACY IS TERRORISM"]