Sins Invalid 2009 performers' "favorite moments"

Read a few of performers’ “favorite moments” from the show!!

SI_web_ad2_nodates“It feels so full and the way we are held, it is like a total release…being part of sins is like getting fisted by art.”“…bonding and solidarity between disabled performers whose sexual energy is loud and visible, colorful and beautiful… ““Antoine limping up the stairs backstage, then dancing his ASS OFF as if nothing had happened, then limping back down the stairs backstage…”(dancer Antoine Hunter had a hip injury during the performance)“Mat flapping his dick back and forth backstage before the bathtub scene and politely apologizing to the stagehands for hitting them with it.”(Backstage bootboi) Syndy saying, the last day, "I've never been as fucking proud to be a crip before in my life!"“…my homework was very interesting…from taking an acting workshop and watching videos on s/m to practicing masturbation techniques that can be captured just right on video…”“Maria’s passion in delivery transcending good poetry to something else”“We created sacred space, liberated territory, room for our own beauty and brilliance and rage and love to shine.”“Nomy donning her bird feathers. Leroy getting into his harness.  Handing out rescue remedy to the stressed. Eating Yulanda's lemon bars and muffins (from Simply Bliss catering) -- the joy of having delicious and edible food provided. The makeup magic.  The circle times when we called in those other stories not in the room, breathed and moaned and hummed and uncurled together.”“Getting to see how powerfully moved the audiences are-the stunned faces afterwards, tears, speechlessness.”“getting in and out of the nest backstage, all the hands and shoulders offered in support, exchanging fake leg for wings, being pushed on and off stage by jerry.  i would take deep grounding breaths and center myself so i didn't wobble or feel unstable.  there was something about that piece that felt so authentic for me, like i was really experiencing the story i was telling.  i'm so grateful for that space.”“getting naughty with my sweetie to calm my nerves – behind a curtain 3 feet from a performer being interviewed on camera – making sure not to spill a drop on my pretty top”“Listening to the audiences, each one different, reacting to our work-being able to hear the comments during the show-the gasps, the "ohmygod" moments.”“leah screaming "i'm on a boat motherf****r!" to amp herself up every night”“Leroy wanking on THAT’s what I call entertainment! ““…really making space for where each of us individually, and creating a culture of support with room for all of us!  it really worked! that's the world i want to live in.”“And everyone else leaving their mark on me in various ways”“the masturbation check-in during the green room circle.”“Most importantly the collective energy that was created has fed me for months to come, and feel honoured and proud to have been a part of it this year. Sins Invalid rocks serious ass, and we all have some serious asses”“…seeing our community grow every year, as artists/activists from all over the world speak into the politics of Sins Invalid”