Sins Invalid: Don't Miss It! (reposted from National Sexuality Resource Center)

by Joy O'Donnell

If you happen to be in San Francisco the first weekend in October, do yourself the favor of a lifetime and go and see the Sins Invalid performance at Brava Theater. A quick word of caution though: you need to buy tickets soon as the show will likely sell out each night.The press release mentions Sins Invalid and NSRC's cultural consulting partnership and describes, "Sins Invalid is a performance event celebrating the power of embodiment and the tenderness of struggle, stripping taboos off of sexuality and disability and offering a vision of beauty that includes all bodies and communities."I can't exaggerate enough the way Sins Invalid will likely transform the way you think about bodies, ability, race, sex and what it means to be human and beautiful....indeed, what it means to have pleasure itself.When I first saw the performance two years ago I walked away feeling as though I learned more about sexual creativity and beauty in one evening than I had in years of studying gender and sexuality academically and working as a sexuality educator and disability rights activist. It is stunning and challenging on more levels than words can ever come close to describing. It also reinforces to me as a sexuality educator that the arts are perhaps the most important weapon in our arsenal in terms of educating the public about sexuality across the lifespan. After the show, it really occurred to me for the first time that the word "disability" may actually best apply to anyone who refuses to see and celebrate and learn from the beauty of bodily diversity and sexual/intimate expression. I used to be that person until I saw Sins, my own internalized ableism preventing me from seeing my full range of sexual/intimate possibility. This kind of life lesson can't be learned in a lecture or a book or even a really great breakthrough with a therapist. You have to feel it and not just think it. It is as Director Patty Berne says a kind of "magic".At NSRC we include all diversities and elements not normally included in lifelong sexuality education and "disability" is one area that is far too often invisible, discounted, ignored, hidden......even at times by those who are most progressively advocating for sexual health, education and rights.... until now. As Sins Invalid's popularity continues to grow nation wide, the sexual health and rights of this nation will move ahead by light years. This is why Sins Invalid and NSRC make such great partners....and we are honored to include Sins invalid workshops and performances within our trainings, publications and web site.Really, go see it. There's no way you won't be completely moved by it, there's no way you won't leave being a better professional sexuality educator, researcher, therapist, activist and human being. And there is no doubt in my mind that you will learn a thing or two about creativity within your own personal sex/intimate life. I promise that.If you can't make it, you can still contribute to and learn from our movements ongoingly by talking about Sins Invalid and sexual literacy on their site and ours. Let us know how disability, sexuality and your work or your life connect....make it visible so we can all see and feel beauty in a new light.Join us! ** Please note that show contains explicit content **