Sins Invalid is making a documentary!

Lateef McLeodLateef McLeod is a new intern with Sins Invalid – and we love what he has to offer!  As a phenomenal black poet with cerebral palsy, he just published his first poetry book entitled A Declaration Of A Body Of Love this year. He is also in process of writing a novel tentatively called The Third Eye Is Crying. He was also a cast member of the 2007 Sins Invalid performance and the 2011 artist-in-residence Sins Invalid performance entitled “Resident Alien”. He works at United Cerebral Palsy of the Golden Gate as a grant writer and blogger at a documentary is a totally different ball game for Sins Invalid than producing theater.  In theater, you do not have the extra costs of film editing equipment and labor.  It is a difference Leroy Moore, Community Relations Director of Sins Invalid, notes clearly “What was difficult was we are not filmmakers.  This process was a whole new field with its own language, skills, order of doing things, and a really different process for creating a story that grabs people so they understand, feel, and care about sexuality, disability and performance that’s new, fresh and makes you think – it was overwhelming!”  Despite the daunting challenge of making the film, Sins Invalid forged ahead to take this new media platform by storm. The film covers read more scenes from the 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011 annual show and includes interviews from the performers and director.  Due to be released this year, this film will give the viewing audience a backstage look of how Sins Invalid performances came together in the last few years.  Sins is planning to premiere it in the San Francisco Bay Area and then enter it into different film festivals.  Sins would love to have the film be picked up by a cable TV but we’ll see how that goes.Now we at Sins are encouraging everyone to donate to our Kickstarter Campaign to raise money to finish this 41-minute documentary.  The money from the Kickstarter Campaign will go to logistical production costs for the final edit of the film.  The campaign is forcing us as an organization to intensify our efforts in the use of social media, which increases our visibility as an organization.  As Leroy puts it, “Hopefully it will encourage more people to post, write, and fund our work, even beyond the film!”  We at Sins hope that the organization will gain a wider audience to spread the message of beauty when this documentary is released to the public.  As Leroy says, “This film will continue to celebrate our bodies and sexualities as people with disabilities, leaving the closet of taboos that society has tried to stuff us in.  We are coming out!”