Sins Invalid September Sustainer Drive

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A glowing brown God/dess Figure reaches out their hand for a bearded Black man's beautiful trusting face.]

September marks our second annual Sustainer Drive, and we invite you to join us by donating any amount, at any frequency, which makes you a part of what keeps our doors open and our wheels turning. Just click here.You know that Sins Invalid fuels Disability Justice by creating culture-shifting performance and media, by offering free creative workshops to people with disabilities, and by offering political education resources like the 10 Principles of Disability Justice and the  Disability Justice Primer. You may also know that this year we have partnered with San Francisco Women Against Rape to support disabled survivors of sexual assault, and that we have been working to center voices of queer disabled women of color in national conversations about police violence, white terror, health care and survival in the Trump era.We aim to reach 100 new Sustainers this month, to continue making offerings that bring revolutionary crip consciousness into the world in ways that are ongoing, accessible, and transformative. Sign up now, and help spread the word: