Staff Transitions

Sins Invalid’s humbly brilliant Program Manager, David Langstaff, is moving from the Bay Area to Detroit for love, and will be sorely and sadly missed!  He may not be a part DavidandSinsFamof the program team anymore, but he will always be a part of the Sins Invalid community. We appreciate his ongoing commitment to disability justice, and all the ways he has supported Sins as an organization. A few words from David: Hello, beautiful Sins community!It’s difficult to express how grateful I am for my time working with Sins Invalid (first as a volunteer and later as staff) this past year and a half.Sins Invalid and the politics of disability justice have quite literally transformed my understandings of myself and my relations with others, of our bodies and minds, our hearts and spirits; my political imagination has expanded, reaching towards new dreams of possible, liberatory futures; and, the very notion of what it means to be building radical movement together, to be building communities rooted in collectivity, mutuality, and loving resistance, has been irrevocably changed for the better.In my time with Sins, I have learned the most not from abstract theories of disability justice, but rather from the generous mentorship from loving comrades such as Patty Berne, Leroy Moore, and Nomy Lamm, the dynamic and transformative artistry of Sins performers, and the day to day practice of collective access and radical group-centered leadership. Disability justice poses questions and affirms an ethics that challenge us to join one another in finding new ways of being together and in the world.As one of the few organizations in Turtle Island trying to articulate a politic of disability justice, and to do the difficult work of developing concrete practices of collective access, the importance of Sins Invalid to movements for collective liberation is impossible to overstate. As such, I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to support Sins in whatever ways you can, especially in this moment of organizational transition. That could mean making a donation, reaching out about the possibility of volunteering or interning, sharing Sins Invalid’s work with your community, or simply learning more about disability justice! I promise you that your support will be impactful and deeply appreciated.I’m leaving Sins Invalid, but taking beautiful friendships, a deeper knowledge of collective access, and an ongoing commitment to disability justice with me. Here’s to continuing to envision and fight a world in which every bodymind is recognized and celebrated as valuable and beautiful! In love and struggle,David