The Valentine Countdown with THE Leroy Moore, Jr.

Video transcription:Leroy: Thank you everybody for the support of our Kickstarter campaign!!! Woohoo!!!!! Yeah...And we are still fundraising because there are so many film costs, the total budget is actually $20,000 and we want to reach as close to that as possible in our last hours. Yes, our last hours.And, this is your last opportunity to pre-order a copy of the DVD for the Sins Invalid documentary -- after this, you may have to wait a bit, but if you donate to Kickstarter now you'll be among the first to receive the film.We've gotten support from around the world -- yeah around the world -- and we are so so grateful. From Seattle to NY to Chicago to Texas to London to Canada -- so thank you and have a loving Valentine's Day -- we love you!!!!!!!![Smiling: How do you stop it?]