This October: Watch Disability Liberated On-Demand

Disability Liberated: Mourn the Dead and Fight like Hell for the Living.

Just in time for October's Disability Awareness Month, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming pay-per-view web-streaming of our Spring 2015 performance, Disability Liberated, which centers the stories and voices of people surviving violence within the intersections of ableism and the prison industrial complex.

Stream it starting October 9th at:

The performance will be available to watch any time, day or night, on demand, Friday Oct. 9th – onwards. The rental period is 48-hr after purchase.

There will also be a live webstreamed Q&A with the performers, which will take place on October 11th at 7:00 pm PST/9:00 pm EST.

Organize a Viewing Party!

As we have done in the past, Sins is coordinating viewing parties across the international crip community to kickoff the web-streaming feature and offering a downloadable reader and viewing questions intended to stimulate discussion, this time centering the theme of disability and incarceration.

Comment below or email us at if you would like to plan a viewing party, and we will set you up with the necessary info and resources! Viewing parties can be as simple as two friends together at home with a computer or as complex as a whole classroom, auditorium or bookshop filled with people. We also welcome one-person viewing and definitely help connect folks online who want to have a ‘cyber-viewing party’ in different spaces. Whatever works for you works for a viewing party!


This is an exciting opportunity for community building, and also a fundraiser for Sins Invalid! Individuals watching the film will pay $4, so we are hoping that people watching in a viewing party setting will pay a bit more than that minimum. Of course payment is on a sliding scale beginning from $0, but we are asking each person to support Sins Invalid by making a $10 donation per view. People can pay via PayPal, by clicking on a payment button on the same page as the video.

Film info:

The film is 44 minutes long. Disability Liberated was curated for Disability Incarcerated, an event hosted by multiple sponsors at UC Berkeley on March 8th – 9th, which brought together scholars, students, activists, and community members to map the intersections of policing, imprisonment, and the disabled body. Sins Invalid’s Disability Liberated aspires to step into the conspicuous void within critiques of the “prison industrial complex” – namely the absence of discussion of disability oppression, despite the disproportionate representation of people with disabilities within prisons and gated institutions. Disability Liberated is a furious mourning, an elegy to all that we have lost, and a promise to fight like hell for all that survives.

Participating artists include: Kiyaan Abadani, Micah Bazant, Patricia (Patty) Berne, Lisa Ganser, Todd Herman, Damon Johnson, Nomy Lamm, Olegario Martinez, Leroy F. Moore Jr., and Felicia Vasquez. Filmed & edited by Ariel Appel.