Upcoming Sins Invalid Events

Sins is traveling to Seattle for the Pacific and Western Disability Studies Symposium: Connecting Disability Studies, Disability Justice, and Disability Arts at the University of Washington! And we’d love to see your beautiful bodyminds while we’re there! Sins will be participating in the symposium at the following dates/times:Seattle2

  • May 21st, 4p – 6pm - Sins Invalid film followed by a q & a --  ET Russian and Patty Berne
  • May 22nd, 2p - 3:30pm - At the Intersections: Exploring Divergences and Convergences of Disability Studies, Disability Rights, and Disability Justice -- Patty Berne, Seema Bahl, and ET Russian
  • May 23rd, 2p - 4pm - Re-envisioning the Revolutionary Body: Centering Disability and Embodiment within Social Justice -- Patty Berne with a screening of I Cannot Speak, Other People’s Stories and Forbidden Acts by Todd Herman and her own short, untitled

For more information please go to https://depts.washington.edu/disstud/pacific-western-ds-symposium