Watch Disability Liberated Online Today!

Today is the day! The pay-per-view footage of Sin's Invalid Disability Liberated is now available online! Check out the "Bonus Features" version for the captioned & audio described versions. parties: Donate today!This is a fundraiser for Sins. Individuals watching the film will pay $4, but we are hoping that people watching in aviewing party setting pay a bit more. Payment is on a sliding scale from $0, but we are asking each person to support Sins Invalid by making a minimum $10 donation per view. Please go to and select Sins Invalid as the recipient. In the memo section, please write "Disability Liberated viewing." Thank you! Download our viewing materials below!♥  2015 Disability Liberated Viewing Packet - Sins Invalid

  • Access suggestions for planning a viewing/gathering
  • The wall text from the Disability Liberated visual art installation
  • The Sins Invalid statement against police violence
  • A brief content reminder
  • A list of discussion questions for you to think about and chat about
  • The Disability Liberated performance program as a PDF
  • Three articles
    • “In Our Own Voice: African-American Stories of Oppression, Survival and Recovery in Mental Health Systems” by Vanessa Jackson
    • “Disabling Incarceration: Connecting Disability to Divergent Confinements in the USA” by Liat Ben-Moshe, Critical Sociology, 20 Dec 2011
    • “From Disability to Criminality Infographic” by Erin Zipper and Julianne Hing, Colorlines, 13 May 2014
    • “Disablement, Prison, and Historical Segregation” by Jean Stewart and Marta Russell, Monthly Review, July 2001
  • The Sins Invalid brochure