We Love Our Interns!

Sins Invalid runs a year-round internship program for community members and students who want to develop leadership skills and provide necessary labor within our radical crip POC-led organization. You can download an application to become a Sins Invalid intern here.

We currently have a number of wonderful interns who do everything from note-taking and social media posting, to organizing live-streams and hosting community conversations.

Image Description: A young, smiling, light-skinned Latina woman with dark eyes, glasses, and dark wind-swept shoulder-length hair, wearing a bright blue shirt and a backpack, on a gravel path between huge, craggy stone cliffs.

Sofia Webster, Intern & Social Media Coordinator (Fremont, CA)

Sofia Webster is a multi-ethnic woman of color with Lyme disease and mold illness. She misses her father’s country of Ecuador very much. Sofia recently graduated from the University of Oregon, a place where she experienced a painful amount of ableism. In college, she was very involved in student activism, having leadership roles in the AccessABILITY Student Union, the Multicultural Center, and the Multi-Ethnic Student Alliance. She currently facilitates the Sacramento Lyme Disease Support Group. Sofia’s favorite place in the world is Death Valley, California and loves observing wildflowers and birds wherever she is.

Image Description: A white woman with curly brown hair, glasses and hoop earrings, smiling against a red background.

Caitlin Carmody, Intern & Administrative Assistant (Berkeley, CA)

Caitlin (she/her) is a queer, white, currently able-bodied human working on getting her Masters degree in social work. She is honored to get to work with the wonderful people at Sins Invalid and has learned so much from them about ableism and disability justice. 

Image Description: A young smiling non-binary East Asian person with medium-length black hair, wrapped in a rainbow pride flag, on a lawn with lots of other people, in front of what looks like a castle .

Dany Ko, Intern (Toronto, CA)

Dany (they/them) is a queer, disabled, deaf, Asian, female-presenting being who generally spends their time creating things, advocating for social justice, and existing (but mostly the former two). Any mythical “free time” they have is allocated to writing, singing, drawing, and/or exploring different menus. Previously, they have worked with the U.S. Access Board through the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and as an Accessibility Consultant for various student groups at the University of Toronto. Now, they are extremely excited to be working with Sins Invalid as an intern and hope to grow with the organization as an activist and artist. They believe that disability justice is a huge part of intersectional equity and want to continue expanding their understanding of the community and the work that must be done. They hope to continue working with Sins as long as the universe will allow and cannot wait to see what comes from their internship.

Image Description: A young white woman with long reddish-brown hair smiles at the camera, her hand extended on the surface in front of her.

Blair Webb, Intern (Berkeley, CA)

Blair obtained her sociology degree from UC Berkeley in May of 2018, and was fortunate enough to start interning for Sins Invalid shortly afterwards. As someone who identifies as a person with a disability, she feels honored to support an organization that fights for justice for people of all abilities, bodies, and identities. Ultimately, her goal is to have her own after-school theatrical program for children with different abilities, because she believes that every child should have the opportunity to express himself, herself or themselves creatively.

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