"We Love Like Barnacles" Postponed

[Image Description: A tableau of three images of Patty Berne, a Hatian / Japanese crip with dark curly hair. In the center, their face is painted with white and grey geometric shapes and their head is framed by kale leaves. On the left, they lie on a white pillow with their hair down and black shiny stones placed on their face, chest, and surrounding their head. On the right, they lie on a red pillow with their hair piled on their head and a red and white headwrap. Their face is painted with red and white geometric shapes, and they hold a raspberry in their pursed lips.}

Dear Community,

Many of you expressed excitement this summer when we released the dates for our upcoming performance, We Love Like Barnacles: Crip Lives in Climate Crisis. Soon after we announced those dates, our director Patty Berne received some health-related news that changed the trajectory of our work. In case you hadn’t heard the news, we are postponing the show until Spring 2020, and Patty will be taking a medical leave of absence to attend to their health full-time.

It is important to realize that, while we explore the impacts of capitalism, white supremacy and colonialism on the earth and its capacity to sustain life, we are dealing with the impacts of this collapse in our very bodies. The health of our brown queer crip bodies is deeply connected with environmental factors that disproportionately affect our communities. Please pour love and healing in Patty’s direction, and keep loving and fighting with us at the intersections of environmental and disability justice.

We will let you know when we get the show rescheduled, and in the meantime please know that our work around disability and climate justice continues! YES! Magazine recently released this beautiful article based on an interview with Patty. We hosted a recent Crip Bits episode related to Environmental Illness and Climate Justice. We are supporting the Health Justice Commons’ creation of a much-needed Medical Abuse Hotline. We are getting ready to launch the fourth annual Sins Invalid Sustainer Drive. And, the new edition of our Disability Justice Primer is set to be released this Fall/Winter, including new writings about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, a whole section on Deafhood and Audism, a glossary, Disability Justice timelines, and more.

With fierce dreams of collective futures,

The Sins Invalid Team

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