Sins Invalid will present We Love Like Barnacles: Crip Lives in Climate Chaos at the ODC Theater in San Francisco’s Mission District, October 11, 12, & 13, 2019.

[Image description: Watery turquoise and grey sea scape with a community of barnacles clustered on the lower right. Purple and grey lettering reads “We Love Like Barnacles: Crip Lives in Climate Chaos.” On the lower left, text reads “October 11, 12 & 13, 2019. ODC Theater, 351 Shotwell St., San Francisco. Sins Invalid.”

The literal terrain of the world has shifted, along with a neo-fascist political terrain.  Each day the planet experiences human-provoked mudslides, storms, fires, devolving air quality, rising sea levels, new regions experiencing freezing or sweltering temperatures, earthquakes, species loss and more, all provoked by greed-driven, human-made climate chaos. Our communities are often treated as disposable, especially within the current economic/political/environmental landscapes. Given the beauty and truth of our bodyminds and lives, the 2019 show reflects the experiences and perspectives of disabled people of color, queer and gender-nonconforming artists as we come to terms with this shifting reality, as we continue to love and nurture ourselves and each other, and lift up each other’s essential voices and bodies for the world to cherish.

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