The revolutionary new book, Skin, Tooth, and Bone: The Basis of Movement is Our People, is a Disability Justice Primer written by Patricia Berne and the entire collective of Sins Invalid. It is indeed an "...intervention into a landscape of absence." It outlines concrete suggestions for moving beyond the socialization of abelism, such as mobilizing against police violence, how to commit to mixed ability organizing and access guidance for events. Skin Tooth and Bone offers analysis, history and context for a growing movement. Visit our store to purchase a downloadable PDF version, text-only reader version, or hard copy that you can hold in your hands!  

UPDATE: We are hard at work on Version 2 of the Sins Invalid Disability Justice Primer. The new edition will focus on language accessibility, including new writings on Audism & Deafhood, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, a Disability Justice Timeline, a Glossary, and more! To be released October 2019.