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Image Description: A close-up of a brown-skinned woman with red lipstick and perfectly arched eyebrows, looking into the camera with a playful gaze. They are wearing a grey sweater with stripes of blue and purple, black-rimmed glasses, and their dark hair pulled back from their face.

Patty Berne, Executive Director/Artistic Director

PATRICIA BERNE co-founded Sins Invalid with Leroy Moore in 2006, and has been the driving force and creative vision behind our project for the past 12 years. The caliber of Sins Invalid’s work is largely attributable to Patty’s artistry and analysis. Her professional background includes offering mental health support to survivors of violence and advocating for LGBTQI and disability perspectives within the field of reproductive genetic technologies. Her training in clinical psychology focused on trauma and healing for survivors of interpersonal and state violence. Patty’s experiences as a Japanese-Haitian queer disabled woman provides grounding for her work creating “liberated zones” for marginalized voices. She is widely recognized for her work to establish the framework and practice of disability justice.

Image Description: A close-up of a fat white Jewish femme wearing light-colored glasses, blue eyeshadow, and burgundy lipstick, with a silver lip ring, and blonde mustache hairs. Their hair is dark and curly, their dress multi-colored, with a tattoo peeking out on their chest. They wear a piece of abalone around their neck.

Nomy Lamm, Creative Director

NOMY LAMM began performing with Sins Invalid in 2008, and since then has been on the Artistic Core (2008-2010), Directed the Artists in Residence Program (2010), and has worked as staff since 2013. Nomy is a multi-media artist, musician, writer and performer who teaches voice lessons and offers creative coaching focused on helping students move through fear and self-judgement to take up space and find equilibrium in radical authenticity ( She is an ordained Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess), holds a BA in Multimedia Art and Political Economy from The Evergreen State College, and has an MFA in Fiction from San Francisco State University. She lives on occupied Squaxin/Nisqually/Chehalis land in Olympia, WA with her partner Lisa, their dogs Dandelion and Momma, and their cat Calendula.

Image Description: A Black woman in a wheelchair with burgundy curly hair sits in front of a green and black graffiti wall. She is wearing a denim blazer and a large necklace made of green glass flowers, with long beaded earrings. She is smiling with her elbow resting on her armrest as she holds her hand in the air, displaying long blue and white nails.

Andraéa LaVant, Program Manager

ANDRAEA LAVANT joined Sins Invalid in November 2018, and we are so excited to have her here! Andraéa has spent over 10 years focusing on issues of specific relevance to youth and adults with disabilities. Her professional roles and personal advocacy have presented her with many opportunities to prompt change for people with disabilities across the globe. Andraéa’s work for both nonprofit and private sector organizations has included managing initiatives that increase and support engagement of people with disabilities in mainstream programs, and coordinating and overseeing multiple disability-focused federally funded technical assistance and training centers. As Sins Invalid’s Program Manager, Andraéa is thrilled to merge her personal convictions as an advocate with the organization’s Disability Justice Movement Building, Cultural, and Performance/Visual Art work. Andraéa considers herself semi-Southern (born in Iowa and raised in Kentucky), and has sincere love for sweet tea, cornbread, and the word, “y’all.”


Image Description: A young, smiling, light-skinned Latina woman with dark eyes, glasses, and dark wind-swept shoulder-length hair, wearing a bright blue shirt and a backpack, on a gravel path between huge, craggy stone cliffs.

Sofia Webster, Social Media Specialist

SOFIA WEBSTER began working with Sins Invalid as an intern in 2018. She is a multi-ethnic woman of color with Lyme disease and mold illness. She misses her father’s country of Ecuador very much. Sofia recently graduated from the University of Oregon, a place where she experienced a painful amount of ableism. In college, she was very involved in student activism, having leadership roles in the AccessABILITY Student Union, the Multicultural Center, and the Multi-Ethnic Student Alliance. She currently facilitates the Sacramento Lyme Disease Support Group. Sofia’s favorite place in the world is Death Valley, California and loves observing wildflowers and birds wherever she is.

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